Follow Me! – Chapter 1, HORSE RANCH DAYDREAM

Horses lifted their heads as soon as she called out, and some turned to walk toward the fence where she sat, waiting. Hazel watched their heads rocking back and forth, making their manes swing as they moved. The first horse to arrive was Sundance. He stopped just short of her bent legs, and stuck his nose out for a pet. It bounced like a child’s hand against her leg. Behind him followed Dancer and Grace, and then several more horses.

With so many horses gathering, Hazel stepped back down onto the road outside the fence. Some of the horses stretched their noses over the top of the fence toward Hazel. She looked up at their square muzzles and teardrop-shaped nostrils, feeling small next to them.

Now and again Sundance flicked his nose up into the air and stamped a front hoof on the ground. Hazel laughed at his antics and reached out to pet him. Then she moved down the line of outstretched velvety noses. She felt them blow warm moist air onto her fingers. Though they were large, they all seemed peaceful and friendly. Looking at them, it seemed to her that she could almost talk with them, and just maybe they would understand. Wouldn’t that be even better than her daydream?


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