Round Pen

Follow Me! – Chapter 4, THE ROUND PEN

“Gee, thanks!” said Hazel. “Can I draw pictures?”

“Well sure. It’s yours, honey”, said her aunt. “I’ll close the round pen gate for you. Then I’ll be in the tackroom, oiling bridles. If I wait too long to clean ‘em , the leather’s gonna crack”.

Hazel squeezed the journal briefly against her chest and then set it down on a nearby fencepost and led the gentle mare into the round pen. As soon as they coasted to a stop, Hazel reached out her right hand and set it back on the horse’s white neck.

Maggie Star stood without fidgeting, except for an occasional flick of her tail, which sent long tail hairs bouncing into arcs to the left or the right. She gazed at nothing in particular, but when Hazel started speaking, she slanted an ear toward the sound of the little girl’s soft voice.

“Maggie Star, you’re big, and it’s gonna be hard to reach my hands way up there”, Hazel looked up at the top crest of her mane, “…but I think I can do it. I’ve been waiting forever for a horse like you. Have you been waiting for me too?”

Hazel stroked her hand along the mare’s neck, imagining Maggie Star as the horse in her dream. She reached her hand up under the mane. It was a long reach, but she was able to grab a handful of long grey and white mane hair. She didn’t know exactly what to do with her other hand, so she just… spread her fingertips and pressed them gently on the mare’s neck. She closed her eyes and filled her mind with one thought: Maggie Star, Maggie Star, can you hear me? Listen.

She felt the warmth of the mare, and could smell her horsey smell. She could even feel the horse’s calm waiting attitude. A less hopeful Hazel might have recognized that, as wonderful as this feeling was, she was not actually hearing Maggie Star’s thoughts. But Hazel was very hopeful and maybe even a little determined that she could make her dream come true right here … today …now.

Maggie Star, listen. We’re gonna be best friends FOREVER. Everyone will be surprised at our friendship. Their mouths might even fall open at the things we can do together.

Hazel chuckled to herself as her mind pictured so many mouths catching flies. Then she filled her mind with another thought:

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