Follow Me! – Chapter 3, MY HORSE, MAGGIE STAR

“I love that sound”, she said to herself.

If she didn’t try to focus on it too tightly, Hazel could almost feel the various sights and sounds of the horse come together as if tied to a tune. A wisp of breeze added a final touch as it floated by. It lifted hair from the end of the horse’s long tail to one side, giving individual strands an air of weightlessness, and they bounced with each sway of the horse’s hips.

Hazel started humming quietly to herself as she waited for them to close the distance.

Aunt Trudy walked up to Hazel. She had a small dark bound book tucked beneath her elbow. She seemed to be ignoring it, so Hazel thought that she would too. The large horse stopped just behind her aunt and dropped its head down to look over at Hazel.

Trudy walking Maggie

“Morning Hazel”, she said. “You been out here long?” “Kinda. I couldn’t wait. Who’s moving the cows?” Aunt Trudy looked out toward the pasture, but the cowboy had ridden out of sight. “Well now, I don’t know.  Most likely Joe. He helps with the cows, and fixes fences and such.”

Hazel asked, “Did he train his horse?”

“Mostly. They’ve worked together for years now. HotSpot’s a wonderful cowhorse. We just call him Spot around here. You’ll get to meet him before too long.”

She turned back toward Hazel and said, “And this is Maggie Star”. She held out the lead-rope and Hazel took it with a smile.

Hazel reached her free hand toward the horse’s dark grey nose. Its nostrils flared in and out as it breathed over the backs of her fingers. She felt gentle puffs of air on her hand, so soft that they didn’t even tickle. “Hi, Maggie Star”, she said.

When the horse was finished puffing on her fingers, Hazel moved a little closer to pet its neck and shoulder. The horse stood quietly as she stroked its large neck with her small hand. Its hair felt silky smooth. She reached briefly into the warmth below its mane.

“Maggie Star, I want you to be my horse.  Will you to listen to me? I’ll whisper. And when we ride, it’ll be like we’re partners, dancing.”  Hazel dipped her shoulders right and left a couple times.

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