Horse Greeting

Follow Me! – Chapter 2, I LOVE HORSES

Hazel squeezed her fingers into her palms, thinking of her dream. How would it work? She didn’t know yet. Hazel leaned toward her aunt, dropped her voice down low and said, “I’ll use my hands and whisper in its mane!”

Aunt Trudy laughed, not entirely understanding Hazel’s answer, and then said, “Some of the greatest horsemen ‘whisper’ to horses.” She looked briefly at the horses, then back at Hazel again, making a decision. “Tell you what: we’ll bring a horse into the corral. In the meantime, you think about what you want to ‘whisper’, and how you’re going to whisper it. If you show me that you can work with a horse in there, then I’ll show you how to put the saddle on, and you can ride it.”

Horses in Pasture

Hazel wasn’t sure about most of what her aunt had just said, but she sure enough caught the last few words, and her heart soared. “Yippee!” she cried, and gave her aunt a big hug.

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