Hazel and Maggie Star

About Hazel & Maggie Star

Hazel lives in the city.  She loves horses more than anything, but has no horse of her own to love. Maggie Star lives in the country.  She is a big, beautiful  white horse with both spirit and charm.  Though Maggie Star has a herd of horse pals to play with, she has not yet met a special girl to call her own.

Together, Hazel and Maggie Star strike up a friendship that carries them far beyond the pasture fences. Hazel and Maggie Star is a horse story written for anyone who has ever felt a special connection with horses.  It describes actual horses and their behaviors with each other, as well as with the people who love them.  The care and maintenance of horses and horse tack are also woven into the fabric of the story.  Follow their adventures and the challenges that forge Hazel and Maggie Star into an unstoppable team.

  1. Storm says:

    For the love of God, keep writing these articels.

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